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Criminal Defense Lawyer Norfolk, VA and throughout Hampton Roads


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Reputation means everything when it comes to hiring a lawyer. You want an attorney respected in the legal field, someone who knows the law and has a track record of success. That’s why we’re proud of the positive reviews we regularly receive from clients at Welch & Wright PLLC.

Our law firm takes our testimonials seriously. That’s because we understand the seriousness of many legal cases. Often, there’s a lot at stake, whether it’s someone’s legal rights or financial future. So when someone praises our work, it’s because we truly made a difference in their life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our testimonials. And if you’re dealing with a serious legal issue, we want to help you write your success story. Simply contact our law firm to learn more about your legal options. Schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced lawyers. We handle criminal defense and personal injury cases throughout Virginia.

Client reviews

5 Stars

Very helpful in this whole process… Very thorough in what exactly he needed. My charge got reduced from reckless driving to a minor defective equipment fine. I highly recommend.


5 Stars

Handled a traffic matter for me. Very professional and would highly recommend. Made the whole transaction painless except for the fine.


5 Stars

Efficient help for a speeding ticket

Handled my daughter's speeding ticket with professionalism and efficiency, and we greatly appreciate the outcome.


5 Stars

Cannot recommend… enough - I was one of what I'm sure is plenty of people who pass through the state of Virginia completely unaware of their threshold for reckless driving offenses. I was scared and uncertain when I was told that I could face up to a year in jail (among other consequences) for a misdemeanor-level reckless driving offense…. The misdemeanor-level offense was reduced to a minor traffic infraction, and the only consequences I now face are not even a few hundred dollars in tickets and court fees and an 8-hour driver improvement course; all-in-all it was minimally stressful, maximally successful.


5 Stars

Great attorney

Do everything he suggests before the court date and it will look better for you. He tells you straight up what you're dealing with and what the best outcome will be. Great attorney!


5 Stars                 

Excellent Legal Representation

As an out-of-state resident, I was worried about the potential consequences of my misdemeanor reckless driving charge… Calum quickly put my mind at ease by communicating effectively and giving me a realistic understanding of what to expect during the legal process.

Despite the severity of the charges, Calum was able to secure a favorable outcome for me, reducing the charges to defective equipment. I was impressed with Calum's knowledge and expertise in navigating the legal system, and his attention to detail was unparalleled.

Throughout the entire process, Calum was incredibly attentive and responsive, always making me feel comfortable and at ease. He answered my questions and concerns promptly, which was extremely reassuring during a very stressful time.

Overall, I highly recommend Calum Welch to anyone in need of legal representation. He is an outstanding lawyer who will go above and beyond to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Thank you, Calum, for your hard work and dedication to my case!


5 stars

Super helpful!

My son received a reckless driving ticket for speeding. I researched lawyers online and found Calum as he had excellent reviews. He was great. Very professional and kind. He explained the whole process to me and my son. In fact, his whole team were excellent. I highly recommend Calum and his team!


5 Stars

Super Professional and Sincere

My son received a speeding ticket and it was also considered reckless driving due to the speed. We were very nervous about what type of jail consequences he faced especially. Mr. Welch held our hands explaining everything throughout the process. And if he gives you advice on doing a specific driving school or number of hours of community service, do it! We had an outcome that was better than we dared to hope for considering his speed.

We sat and listened to case after case with the attorneys in the room, and I would say that Mr. Welch was our favorite in the court room. He is smart, caring, organized and comes well prepared. I just can say enough good things about him.


5 Stars

Wonderful attorney - highly recommend!

My 18 year old recently received a ticket for reckless driving. We read online reviews, contacted and subsequently retained Mr. Welch. He was highly strategic in the argument he constructed and in way he approached our case. He successfully had the reckless charge reduced to improper equipment, a non-moving violation charge. Highly recommend Mr. Welch and will use him again if needed.


5 Stars


Mr. Welch was excellent. He answered every question I had along the way and handled my case exactly as he said he would.


5 Stars

So helpful!!!

Was amazing! Received a ticket in Greensville and Calum represented me. I was originally concerned because it was my first ticket and I'm out of state, but he handled everything well and answered every question I had. The ticket ended up getting dismissed.


5 Stars

I received my first ticket and had all of my worries, in regards to my license and insurance, alleviated once I hired Welch. I provided the necessary paper work, and was then able to focus on other priorities without stress. Welch reached out to inform me of the verdict, which went exactly how he expressed in our consolation. The receptionist was also really kind and helpful when I called for an update on the process, and what to expect after my hearing.


5 Stars

Mr. Welch was very opened & honest with my situation. He told me everything to do & he handled it without me even being there. Mr. Welch secretary was also professional & walked me through steps & made sure they were in contact every time I sent paperwork to make sure I was sending the right documents. Mr. Welch is AWESOME!!!! Could not ask for a better lawyer


5 Stars

Very satisfied/better outcome then I expected

I was recently stopped a few months ago after taking my mom to a couple of appointments and then getting a call from my sons school that he wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t thinking about the area I was in but trying to get to my son to ensure that he was safe. I was stopped for going 54 in a 25, which I didn’t realize the speed limit dropped. I heard about the reckless driving charges in VA but since I moved here almost ten years ago and then changing my license over to VA about 5 years ago I had never been stopped. After getting the reckless driving chargers I started looking for a lawyer due to me being in the mental health field and any conviction I would lose my license to counsel/therapy. I talked to two other lawyers… I felt most comfortable with attorney L. Calum Welch. He went over the reckless driving chargers that I had gotten and immediately told me to start community service as soon as possible and to take a driving class. This is something I am not use to as I am from MD/D.C. area and we just paid fines. As my court date came closer I contacted attorney Mr. Welch so I knew what to expect. He told me that I didn’t have to go to the court date and that he was representing me and that I would have to pay fines and maybe points on my license but no jail time. After my court date attorney Mr. Welch contacted me with great news and was able to get the reckless driving charged dropped with no fines for going over the speed limit. All I had to pay is my seatbelt ticket and a 25.00 court coast. This was an outcome that I was not expecting and I am truly grateful.


5 Stars

Reckless Driving Ticket Dismissed!

I received a reckless driving ticket going 82/60 on I-95 in Richmond. Calum was very transparent about what he thought the outcome of my ticket would be and told me I would have a better chance of at least getting the ticket reduced if I went to driving class before my court date. He was able to get the judge to dismiss my ticket and I only had to pay an $87 court fee! I was extremely happy and impressed with the guidance and excellent customer service he provided. I would highly recommend his services to anyone!


5 Stars

I had a reckless driving case in Hopewell VA 100/70. I was fortunate enough to be represented by L. Calum Welch. He was terrific in the court room and I would not want anyone else by my side. Calum was honest with me regarding facing jail time (which was most probable) but told me what to do before my court date to help put me in the best possible situation to win. He had a game plan and looked like he had rehearsed pleading my case. For my job (having a security clearance and their own ethics policies) I could not afford a criminal class 1 misdemeanor, and I knew how detrimental that would be for the rest of my life. Following his advice, I got over 150 hours of community service, speedometer calibration, and driving school completed. With careful consideration from Calum's arguments, the judge reduced the charge to improper driving (no misdemeanor) with a 436 dollar fine. He was worth every penny and I would highly recommend!


5 Stars

Confident and Reassuring

Due to a speeding infraction on Rt 295 in Virginia, I was in need of legal representation. Luckily, it was L. Calum Welch to whom I reached out. He listened to my frantic explanation and calmly, yet confidently, assured me he could help me. He explained, in detail, the steps I needed to follow and reassured me that he would guide me through. We exchanged emails and had telephone conversations throughout the process. The result that Calum was seeking was fulfilled, as he had reassured me, from the outset, it would be. I can highly recommend his services, based on his knowledge, manner of relating to a client and achieving results.


5 Stars


I could not be happier with Calum and his staff’s excellent service!

I was in despair after being rejected by another lawyer making me feel like it was no hope for my case, I decided to try one more lawyer and I’m so glad I did!! Calum was up for the challenge and saved the day! Thank you so so much!!!

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